"Our team is made up of some of the best, highly qualified professionals. Each of us stand by our values and are committed to delivering quality results that foster your organization's growth and success."

With an MBA in HR from Pune University, Keerthana had worked with Reliance and Blue Dart Express before joining us. Her focus is strongly on people connect and accomplishing business goals through smart connects. She fits perfectly well in our Delivery Lead role, achieveing results for our clients on a regular basis, be it convincing a talent to join a start up or rolling out a critical performance measurement metrics!

Keerthana Rahul

Our People Business Expert lives by our motto of ‘On time, Every time.’ A self driven professional with an eye for detail, Neha strives to add value to everything she does. Having worked with Wipro before joining us, her technical acumen is complimented by her ability to grasp client requirements quickly and comprehensively.

Neha Jain

Our Excellence Lead encourages custom made solutions and works to turn textbook knowledge into workable solutions for our clients. With over nine years of experience, Priyanka has been commended for her strong fundamentals, radical ideas and timely implementation. Driven by hunger for knowledge, she is always busy getting certified on HR concepts beyond her strong MBA Degree.

Priyanka Thapliyal

A strong lady with the determination to achieve excellence, Savitha ensures she gets to the bottom of every aspects of work that she is accountable for and delivers excellence with humility.

A Mount Carmel product, she carries her ethics on her shoulder.

Savitha Damodaran

With 12 years of experience in HR function, from hiring to competency mapping, Rimeira brings on to the table profound knowledge with ethical rudiments in providing strategic and tactical HR support. An International MBA degree in HR adds to Rimeira belief in delivering excellence.
When not at work, highly likely that you will find her immersed in her paintings.

Rimeira Herwadkar

A strong leader with experience of over 15 years in the industry, Aswathy’s USP lies in being able to identify challenges and work at both strategic and operational levels to address them. A certified Behavioural Analyst and Sales Trainer from PI Worldwide® and an MBA-HR from XLRI, Jamshedpur, she co-founded Peoplelynx with the aim of enhancing the client company’s competitive edge by focusing on its most important aspect- people.

Aswathy Palakkal

A happy go lucky person with a Creative bend of mind who always attempts to push beyond the limits of her artistic creativity. She is a Humanities major from Delhi University, with a business specialty degree in MBA creating a unique amalgamation of efficiency and empathy at work. She brings her values with a strong vision and a contagious enthusiasm to achieve successful outcomes for clients. Committed to the highest levels of professional and personal excellence. In her free time, she goes the extra mile to explore and discover new places or trying her hands on honing her photography skills and music.

Madhumita Dutta

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